Why should I register?

By registering to premierlottos.com you are opening a free, non-committal online account. Your customer data, products, numbers and personal details are all stored in this account. Register now and enjoy unlimited access to premierlottos.com at any time.

How can I register?

The registration process is quick and easy: just click on the Join now link and follow the simple instructions.

What lotteries can I play on premierlottos.com?

You can play EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, MegaMillions and Powerball.

I have forgotten my password / I can not log in. What now?

In case you forget your password you can always reset your password in a few easy steps. If your account is blocked, please contact our customer support team at support@premierlottos.com.

How can I edit my personal details?

You can change any of your personal details by clicking on My Account after login, edit your info and approve it.

What should I do in case I experience technical difficulties?

We advise users who experience technical difficulties to contact our support team at support@premierlottos.com.

What happens when the draw countdown reaches close?

Once the draw closure countdown reaches 00:00:00,tickets can no longer be purchased for that particular draw. Please check the table below for all cut off times. All times are in local time for CET

How can I pick a single lottery number?

In order to pick a number, navigate your mouse towards the upper menu – choose the Play Lotto category and click on the lottery you wish to play. Once you have chosen your lottery, pick your lucky numbers and add them to the shopping cart.

How can I re-pick the same numbers?

Picking the same numbers is easy. Simply click on the Order History button. Under it you can see your previous picks and re-pick the same numbers as your previous pick.

How will I know if I have won?

Once the lottery results are published, we will send an email to all of our customers and provide them with their active picks. You can also check your winnings by logging into your account and clicking on the Tickets button.

What is a lottery syndicate?

A lottery syndicate is a group of people who pool numbers in a lottery draw together on one or more results. Lottery syndicates give you a better chance of winning as you will be playing multiple numbers combinations at the same time. The winnings of the syndicate are distributed among all of its participants.

What is a syndicate share?

Every syndicate is split into a fixed number of shares (parts). Every share has a fixed price.